Price: $125

Seller: casey
State: Texas
City: Amarillo
Zip code: 79101
Type: Animals

Hand Made reptile habitats, basking platforms, feeding stations, and aquarium backgrounds.
Half the fun of having reptiles or fish is making them comfortable and happy for a long life, the other half is showing off how cool your setup looks.
If your reptile enclosure is boring and drab, bring it to life and make your pet the happiest you can, and give your enclosure a look that is truly unique.
Your imagination coupled with mine is the only limit. I can make complete habitats including a feeding station, basking platforms, hides and 3 dimensional aquarium backgrounds or backgrounds only for your reptile enclosure.
Complete habitats can be built and delivered for as little as $125 for 20-50 gal tanks.
Complete habitats for 75-125 gal tanks as low as $200.
3D backgrounds start at $80
Also available are individual hides, basking platforms, feeding stations, bridges, volcanos, castles to be guarded by your bearded dragon, and more.
Average build time on complete habitats is 1 week.
Below you will find example pics of previous builds.
Im a local buisness owner, pet owner, and artist. In buisness in Amarillo for over 10 years at Lucky 13 Tattoos, located at w 10th in Amarillo, tx.