Seller: Kathy
State: Texas
City: Amarillo
Zip code: 79106
Type: Animals

  I'm looking for a newborn kitten, no older than 4-6 weeks old, for bonding with me. Her coat needs to be bottom black with calico markings on her. Prefer a tame kitten, not wild that hasn't been mis-treated by children, humans, dogs or other animals. Prefer a healthy kitten that is starting to nibble or eat small amounts of food and is strong enough to be taken from her mother. I offer a loving and stable home, she will be my only cat. I am at home around the clock and she won't be left alone for long periods of time, during the bonding stage. She will be spade, I do not contriute to the over-population of any animal. Just want her to Love & be my Best Friend! Her namewill be 'Calico' or just 'cal'.....